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Wrist and Ankle Rehabilitation Device

  • Lightweight, compact and portable
  • The portable ten-layer physiotherapy instrument weighs only 16 grams and comes with a free storage bag, which is easy to carry around and patients can use it whenever they need it.
  • Silver paste electrode patch is more comfortable and refined Regular carbon paste patch.
  • The surface is especially made of PU, soft and textured. The conductivity of the silver paste coating and skin-friendly hydrogel on the back is 6 times that of the carbon paste coating, which can bring a more comfortable and delicate massage experience.

The iCardin low-frequency rehabilitation device is a professional hand-foot rehabilitation device. 


Professional hand-foot rehabilitation 

For hand and foot rehabilitation electrical stimulation, the quality and reliability of the electrode pads are very important. This device provides special electrodes for hand and foot rehabilitation, which can fit the hand and foot muscles to meet different electrical stimulation needs. The special electrode sheet has many advantages such as uniform current distribution, good adhesion characteristics, non-sticky, easy to attach and remove, and no stimulation to the skin. It is an indispensable helper for your hand and foot function rehabilitation.