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Connect to a Neurologist within no time for emergency
and non-emergency patient care

Why TeleNeurology?

The growing disparity between the demand for neurological services and the need for neurologists re-quires new and innovative strategies for delivering care. Time is critical when a person is suffering from brain stroke. To provide timely care, iCardin with a strong team of Neurologists would like to introduce our state-of-the-art TeleNeurology service, ‘BrainBuddy’. Through this service we are committed to providing remote round-the clock neurology support for patients.

Our purpose to build this TeleNeurology solution is to help your stroke patients get quick access to a senior neurologist within 45 minutes.


Getting to the right diagnosis means finding the right neurological care at the right time. To ensure this, we are bringing in the best panel of neurologists together for providing best in class remote neurology services for patients from tier 1 and 2 cities in India.

Our comprehensive care includes:


Remote thrombolysis of a stroke patient within 4.5 hours under the guidance of neurologists. Our neurologist will be available for consultation within 45 mins.


Schedule tele-consultation with brain experts for your admitted (IPD) and OPD patients anytime in the week without delay


Remote review and report EEG study within 24 hours

Meet BrainBuddy – an agile machine for quick access to Neurological Care

BrainBuddy enables and improves access to healthcare services for different neurological conditions through its advanced video conferencing technology for connecting with neurologists. BrainBuddy is fully mobile, allowing the remote neurologist to participate in all aspects of the neurological exam—from the CT scan reading to the physical exam and remote thrombolysis assistance – to recommending a course of treatment. Some of the neurological conditions and diseases that iCardin’s Brain Buddy can be used to diagnose and treat include:

Brain Stroke, Headaches & Migraine, Brain Injury, Vertigo, Epilepsy and more.

Business-class HD video
with Polycom EagleEye Mini

Personal, USB/Bluetooth
Smart Speakerphone –
Poly SYNC 20

15.6-inch LCD
display screen

Internet connectivity
with WIFI
Wireless keyboard
and UPS system
Preconfigured MS
teams license
How Can BrainBuddy Be A Game Changer

response time in
stroke treatment

Easy 24*7 access to highly experienced neurologists

Enhanced ability to handle larger number of patients

Eliminates patient shift outs to other hospitals

Customized neuro critical care programs

See How Telemedicine is
Transforming Neurology