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The necessity of user-friendly robotic glove for hand paralysis

The majority of people with neurological conditions, such as stroke and spinal cord injury, experience loss of motor function in one or both hands, which can greatly reduce quality of life. Tasks often taken for granted become frustrating or nearly impossible due to tight spastic muscles, reduced grasping strength, and general lack of coordination in the hand.

It help patients rehabilitate a hand after a stroke. It is a wearable hand robot which helps stroke or hemiplegia patients do daily training such as passive & mirror & ADLs training.

If you have the following problems then this Robotic glove is best for you! 

Hand Disfunction:  

  • Unable to take object alone  
  • Unable to eat/drink alone  
  • Unable to move your fingers  
  • Unable to move your hand  

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How long is it appropriate to use each time? 

The Single use time should not be too long, It Is recommended not to exceed 20 minutes. 


How to set the training intensity? 

Different users have different muscle physiological conditions and different degrees of rehabilitation and exercise. Therefore, different muscle tension levels correspond to different recommended gears. Please refer to the instructions for details. 


Who are the suitable people? 

Patients With stroke, cerebral hemorrhage, hand burns, and hand disorders caused by cerebral palsy (also suitable for children). 



Before training, make sure that the hand to be trained IS not in a stiff state. If the hand is stiff, you need to perform manual massage and hot compress. Training can only be done when the affected hand reaches a soft state; do not use it alone by unconscious people or young children; if the hand is sprained, Trauma, unexplained bone injuries, people with severe osteoporosis, people with untreated fractures or people who require immobilization after treatment, please do not use this product without authorization of professional confirmation.