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About Us

We are a leading healthcare discovery platform that offers end-to-end care for patients with any neurological disorders and is on a mission to build maximum stroke-ready centers as part of neuro care program across Maharashtra (India).

Our Mission

We are on a mission to reduce the mortality rate of patients suffering from ‘Brain Stroke’ by providing swift treatment to stop the stroke at our state-of-the-art advance neuro care medical facilities 

Our Vision

We aim to build highly advanced all equipped neurology centers across India and reduce the door-to-needle time for ‘Brain Stroke’ to less than 30 minutes and ensure exceptional patient-centered care & treatment for any neurological disease

Our Leadership

Sameer More

CEO , Founder

Dr. Amitkumar Pande

Co-Founder ,
Chief Medical Officer

Sohini Ghosh

Marketing Head

Dr. Sagar Bangar

Medical Health

Soham Godbole

Creative Director

Our Advisors and Supporters

Madhurjya Lahkar
Investment Banker & Tech Innovator

Aakash Agarwal

Founder Krisala Infracon LLP